Interview: Bad Blood

Bad Blood are a new project promising to make a big splash. Even before their first album was released, they came up with a new way of thinking about music and revenue, allowing fans to buy stake rights to their song, by partnering with Vezt. They then lined up some commercial endorsement and made sure people knew about them. They surely got Jason Momoa hooked on their music, as if you needed an extra reason to listen to them.

Teen Art Out: How did the idea to partner with Vezt first come about? 

Chris Clemence: I was first introduced to Vezt by my friend Maxim Horner who was working for them at the time. He had me come into the office to meet the founders Steve Stewart (Stone Temple Pilots manager) and Robert Menendez to check out the app and I was blown away. I was like “This is it. This is the new music business right here.” I signed with them and had immediate success for my single “Let’s Go” that I put out as a solo artist. I knew partnering with them and Bad Blood was definitely the right decision for the new upcoming record. Vezt is an amazing way for us to connect with our fans on an even deeper level and share in the ownership of the music together. In the end we’re all in this together. We should all share in the profits of the songs. They aren’t just mine, or the bands, they are everybody’s, and by that I mean the fans. We all create the success of the music together.

Chad Cherry: We’re riding into the future of music production and making a pact with the fans. It’s exciting. 

Teen Art Out: What kind of impact did that have on how you approached your album?

Chris Clemence: I think I would have written the songs the same way. I’m always trying to top myself, better lyrics, better hooks, and I believe this Bad Blood record is some of my best work as a songwriter yet. The fact that our fans can share in the ownership of these songs now through Vezt is just amazing and I’m inviting them in, arms wide open. Every time we all stream the music, promote it on social media so more people hear it, watch the music video, etc we’re all going to profit from it. That’s the amazing thing about Vezt. Those who have ownership in the music earn money just like the band does. It’s truly a revolution for the music business. 

Chad Cherry: I never think about anything other than just the music when I’m making a record. That’s my focal point while in the studio. 

Teen Art Out: What are 5 words that describe the album best?

Chris Clemence: Uplifting, powerful, huge, anthemic, ROCK.

Chad Cherry: Hard Ass Rock And Roll. 

Teen Art Out: The album promises to be big even before it is released, not just with the app partnership but with the song licensing deals. How did those come to be?

Chris Clemence: We’ve been very fortunate to land some big commercial spots and a video game placement before the record has even come out. So far we’ve landed a Bentley commercial, William Henry commercial and 2 songs in the video game Mutant Football League on PlayStation and Xbox. We have a few other big ones in the works as well. We’re super proud of these deals and I think it shows the music speaks for itself. And these deals give our fans even more confidence to buy in shares of the music with Vezt. The record is already successful and it hasn’t been released yet. It’s wild!

Chad Cherry: I feel that we have crazy fans for our music before it’s even released! I can’t explain it but I can tell you that I love it. It’s a great feeling. The music speaks for itself. 

Teen Art Out: What was the hardest part about getting this record out? What about the most fulfilling?

Chris Clemence: In the beginning of making this record we were dealing with some really difficult people both on the creative and business side. I’m not going to name any names, but they made everything impossible and seemed to want to sabotage the project at every turn. But we didn’t let it happen and we didn’t let them win.  And I think the best and most fulfilling part is that right there. We didn’t give up, we didn’t quit, we pushed through and now we are releasing an amazing album that’s already getting an incredible response and landing lots of amazing placements and deals. The “bad blood” we had with these individuals only made our group stronger as a unit of brothers and we know we can’t be stopped. 

Chad Cherry: From the very beginning we had to fight the ones who opposed to get to where we are now. The classic “dog eat dog” is real. We rise above. 

bad blood

Teen Art Out: How do you approach songwriting? Do you start from musical lines or lyrics?

Chris Clemence: I do most of the lyrics and melodies and Chris (Iorio) does a lot of the main music parts and riffs. Chad and Kenny always have amazing ideas and parts as well. We’ll have a basic skeleton and then just keep making it better and better until we’re ready to record it. Some of the stuff we just came up with on the spot in the studio. I remember we still needed a second verse for Own The Night and I just wrote it on the fly while we were tracking the song in the studio. Sometimes that’s when the best stuff happens. Everyone in the band is a seasoned songwriter and I love the record we came up with.

Chad Cherry: I’m the Cherry flavored icing. 

Teen Art Out: What can we expect from Bad Blood on tour?

Chris Clemence: A hell of a show. We’re taking no prisoners when we hit the stage.

Chad Cherry: I’ll give you the same answer from a question you asked earlier: HARD ASS ROCK AND ROLL. 

Teen Art Out: How long does it take you when you’re back from tour to miss being on tour?

Chris Clemence: I think I start to miss it the moment we’re finishing recording a song we’re really excited about. It makes me want to get out and play it for everyone.

Chad Cherry: I have so much going on in life that touring is sort a balance. We all keep busy enough so time flies and the next thing you know you’re back out on the road again. It becomes part of your lifestyle. 

Teen Art Out: When was the first time you thought of yourself as an artist?

Chris Clemence: Just now? Haha I don’t really think of myself as one even though that’s what we are. This is just what we do and I love that other people are digging what we’re doing and are excited about it. That’s what keeps me going.

Chad Cherry: I would say that I’m just fan. I’m not really an artist. Michelangelo was an artist, aha! All the stuff we do is just an extension of who we are. 

Teen Art Out: What was your first job? What did you like or not like about it?

Chad Cherry: First time I remember making real money was when I painted on some leather jackets for some cool older rocker dudes in a band. I still have that job today with Chad Cherry Clothing! I made pizzas too at one point. That was a greasy job, but hey, free pizza. 

Teen Art Out: If you could have a carpool karaoke with anyone, whom would you choose?

Chris Clemence: Grimace from McDonalds. It would be more entertaining to see him try to get in the car than to hear him sing though.

Chad Cherry: Oscar the Grouch. His voice is melodious. 

Teen Art Out: What is the best compliment you have ever received?

Chris Clemence: The best compliments are always from fans about how a song I wrote helped change their life in a positive way or helped them in a hard time. Anything to make their lives better. That means the most to me.

Chad Cherry: Definitely have to agree with Chris on that one. Music is the universal language and when it helps heal or change something for the better that’s a very special and extremely important thing. 

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