What Men Want

What an awesome movie!

That is not the way I usually start a review, but this movie needs it. It is just so fun an powerful, so fresh. It is a good (romantic) comedy.

It follows the same idea as the classic “What Women Want”, only gender swapped. As you can imagine from that sentence, a lot of people (“man-babies)” will be offended about it. But worry not, because the movie proves them wrong.

Taraji P. Henson, whom you might know as Cookie in Empire, is masterful as a leading lady. She is funny and witty and dramatic, powerful, and yet flawed. She truly owns the movie. While the movie is a great win for diversity, with a woman of colour as the main character, her work stands tall for herself, not needing to be representing a whole group of people.

We see her character, Ali, work in a sport talent agency, where she is repeatedly left out of the “boys’ club” and told to “stay in her [female] lane”. Yet again she was looked over for promotion because “she doesn’t get men”.

The following night, at her friend’s bachelorette party, Ali meets a very obvious sham of a psychic, who makes Ali drink some strange tea. As we later find out, it had a mix of marijuana, extasy and Haitian plants. After a minor head injury suffered that night while out at a club, Ali is now able to read the inner thoughts of men.

Her new power proves to be hilarious and scary when used on her loyal, trusting, and very amusing assistant. Once she embraced her new power, she managed to outsmart her colleagues, trying to sign the young new basketball superstar. In doing that, she had to convince his dad/manager, played by Tracy Jordan, who is exactly what you would expect from a Tracy Jordan character. In order to impress him, she pretends her one-night stand is actually her husband.

What goes on is entirely predictable, but thoroughly enjoyable. You know the structure of a romantic comedy, mixed with some work-place drama. I will not give away more of the plot, because it is really worth seeing.

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All in all, the movie is funny and quirky. It allows Taraji to shine and show us all what she is got. Once again, I must say that this movie is not going to win Best Picture anytime soon. However, it is a movie we can all enjoy, a fun outing with your friends. And, if it happens, while you do that, to understand a bit more about what men or women want, then all the better.

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