Metalhead Meeting Festival – Day Two Review

Metalhead Meeting Festival continues on the second with the much awaited Pantera!!!

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The day was opened by OYD, who brought their hard rock feeling, with strong influences from metal, punk, grunge and rock music.

Following OYD, Last Hope graced the stage at 18:30, delivering a powerful and intense set.

As the evening progressed, it was time for Beast In Black to take the spotlight at 19:55. They are definitely an interesting choice to open for Pantera. Their high pitched disco metal was not initially that well received, but I think they won some people over.

Finally, it was time for the one, the only, Pantera. For the first time in Romania, we had a chance to see giants of heavy metal, even more so as they brought Zack Wylde on guitars. This was a show that did not disappoint. It was a full house and every single person I have talked to has left in awe. Zack Wylde’s guitar skills were nothing short of phenomenal, paying a fitting tribute to the late Dimebag Darrell. The energy in the venue soared as classic Pantera hits filled the air, evoking a sense of nostalgia and celebration. The band’s powerful performance ensured that the spirit of Pantera lived on, leaving no doubt that their music remains timeless.

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The night kicked off with the explosive “A New Level,” instantly setting the tone for the evening. As the band transitioned seamlessly into “Mouth for War,” the crowd erupted.

A surprising yet welcome addition to the setlist came in the form of Black Sabbath’s “Planet Caravan.” The band showcased their range and paid homage to their influences, delivering a mesmerizing and ethereal performance that contrasted with the heaviness of their own material. As the night neared its climax, Pantera unleashed their ultimate anthem, “Walk.” The unmistakable groove and crushing power of the song ignited an explosion of energy within the crowd. The encore brought the concert to a thrilling conclusion with “Hollow” and the iconic “Cowboys From Hell.”

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Phil Anselmo absolutely smashed the vocals. The energy, passion, and sheer power that emanated from the stage were awe-inspiring, reminding everyone present why Pantera remains an unmatched force in the metal world. It was definitely a next level concert.

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