Powerwolf brought its incredible Heavy Metal Mass in Bucharest

On June 6th, fans gathered at Arenele Romane to support Powerwolf in a big headline show that promised to be explosive … literally. Not one soul left the arena unmoved by what a powerful display that actually was.

Visions of Atlantis first took the stage with a setlist of “Master the Hurricane,” “Clocks,” “Heroes of the Dawn,” “Return to Lemuria,” “Melancholy Angel,” “Pirates Will Return,” and “Legion of the Seas.” However, I was truly hoping for “The Deep And The Dark, which is my favourite song of theirs. You know they are an opening band, but something about the very cluttered stage with instruments and Powerwolf decoration distracted from the performance itself, which was good, just not great. While they executed their setlist flawlessly, there was someething lacking.. They had the skills and the energy and truly performed, so I have to give that to them. They were incredibly visuals with their outfits and took command of the stage. The songs sounded really good. It was a very well done opening act.

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Time for Powerwolf! They completely owned the stage with an electrifying performance that left the crowd in awe. Opening the show with the explosive “Faster Than the Flame” accompanied by a dazzling display of pyrotechnics and flames, Powerwolf wasted no time in setting the stage for an unforgettable night. Throughout the evening, the band delivered crowd favorites such as “Army of the Night” “Armata Strigoi” “Demons Are a Girl’s Best Friend” and “Resurrection by Erection.” They even gave us a special and emotional moment with ballad “Where the Wild Wolves Have Gone”

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Photo credit: Bogdan Hardau

One aspect that stood out was the band’s remarkable level of energy, which was evident from the very beginning and only continued to grow throughout the performance. They started at a 10/10 and just kept on going. The crowd reciprocated with immense energy, screaming along to every lyric and giving the band a constant surge of support.

The visual spectacle of the show was a feast for the eyes. The display of flames, sparks, pyrotechnics, and confetti was not only impressive but also added an extra layer of excitement to the performance. The stage decorum was also notable, creating a visually captivating backdrop that enhanced the overall experience. Powerwolf’s attention to detail in crafting a visually stunning show did not go unnoticed.

The lead vocalist, who goes under the stage name Attila Dorn, known for his Romanian origins, made a heartfelt apology for his limited Romanian-speaking skills. However, his vocal prowess more than made up. With a properly trained dramatic tenor voice, he commanded the stage with impressive range and control, further solidifying Powerwolf’s musical prowess.

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Photo credit: Bogdan Hardau

His stage chemistry with Falk Maria Schlegel, the keyboard played is undeniable. Falk is a human spring, alwyas jumping around and displaying so much energy and radiating pure joy. The two of them made use of every gimmick in the book to make the audience submit to their command and sing along in groups and altogether, jump, split up, you name it. Sometimes it feels like a cheap gimmick to have those “now you sing” again and again, but if you do it consistantly enough like them, it’s just another tool in the bag to help them make the show great. After all, you come to this kind of concert because you want to feel part of it. You want that interaction, that fire (and boy you got it), you want to chant and scream and headbang. And this time they surely delivered.

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The attendance of the show was somewhat less than what I would have expected. Considering the ticket price was a bit much and the very saturated concert scene in a year filled with numerous other shows, the turnout was decent but not exceptional. On the plus side, there were no queues at the bar, so a win’s a win.

All in all, what a great night! An absolutely memorable concert and one of the standouts of this year for sure. I am beyond happy I got to experience it. Thank you Metalhead for bringing the Heavy Holy Mass to Bucharest.

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