Dirty Shirt a lansat noul album „Letchology”

Cunoscuta trupa românească de „folklore”, DIRTY SHIRT a lansat, în data de 8 martie 2019, noul album intitulatLetchology”.
Lansat prin Rock Attack Records / Cargo Records (world wide) și Apathia Records / Season of Mist (Franta) noul produs include 9 piese, produse de către Mihai Tivadar (leaderul formației) și mixate / masterizate de către Charles “Kallaghan” Massabo(Kallaghan Records din Los Angeles, USA).

De grafica acestui nou produs s-a ocupat Costin Chioreanu, cel care a realizat și precedentele artwork-uri.

„Letchology” este al 7-lea material discografic și a fost lansat după ce în 2017 formația a oferit fanilor un DVD live intitulat „FolkCore DeTour”, iar în 2015 a lansat albumul de studio intitulat „Dirtylicious”.

Tracklist “Letchology”:
Latcho Drom
Pălinca (feat. Mat “Boots” di Pilla)
Put It On
Nem Loptam
Hora Lentă
Killing Spree
Nice Song
Starea Nației

Ascultă noul album „Letchology” mai jos, iar dacă te-a convins comandă-l la adresa info@dirty-shirt.com.

Înregistrarea albumului a fost realizată în 6 locuri diferite, după cum urmează:

7 Cats Studio – Baia Mare, de Mihai Tivadar și Dan Secheli
Luna Recording Studio – Cluj-Napoca, de Vlad Bornuz
LowBass Studio – Deva, de Adrian Urițescu
GoldieStarProduction – Baia Mare, de Horge Răzvan
MT Sound – Grenoble, de Mihai Tivadar
Guitar reamping – LowBass Studio, de Adrian Urițescu

Muzicienii care au fost invitați să participle la crearea acestui album au fost: Alexandra Joicaliuc (backing vocals), Miruna Puiu (backing vocals), Gabriel Bărăştean (vioară), Andrei Oşan (clarinet, saxofon), Mihnea Blidariu (trompetă), Andrei Oltean (Blockflüte), Leonard Negrea (țambal), Eduard Albina(acordeon), Ionuţ Vârtolaș (trombon), Ferenc Balogh (violă), Ștefan Peterfi (bas dublu), Ioan Mircea Belbe (saxofon pe “Starea Naţiei”), Cătălina Popa (flaut pe “Killing Spree”), Ciprian Ghiaţă (acordeon pe “Pălinca”) și Marius Sabo (viori suplimentare pe “Pălinca”).

În prezent, Dirty Shirt înseamnă Dan “Rini” Crăciun (voce), Robert Rusz (voce), Mihai Tivadar (chitară, clape), Cristian Bălănean (chitară), Dan Petean (chitară), Pal Novelli (bas), Vlad Țoca (tobe) și Cosmin Nechita (vioară).

Reamintim că Dirty Shirt se află în plină campanie de promovare al noului material discografic, iar în prima parte a turneului sunt anunțate câteva concerte în străinătate și 6 concerte în România, în următoarele oraşe:

4.02 Trillians, Newcastle (UK)
15.02 Underwolrd Camden, London (UK)
17.02 HRH Metal Fest, O2 Academy, Birmingham (UK)
22.02 Casa Tineretului, Baia Mare (Ro) *
22.03 Form Space, Cluj-Napoca (Ro) *
08.03 Matrixx, Nuremberg, (D)
10.03 Club Cann, Stutgart, (D)
13.03 Backstage, Munchen, (D)
14.03 Live Music Hall, Weiher, (D)
15.03 Rockschicht, Viersen, (D)
16.03 Rockpalast, Bochum, (D)
26.03 Ninkasi Kao, Lyon (Fr) *
27.03 Snow Fest, Les 2 Alpes (Fr) *
28.03 La Bifurk, Grenoble (Fr) *
29.03 Le Petit Bain, Paris (Fr) *
30.03 Le Midland, Lille (Fr)
12.04 Kruhnen Halle, Brașov (Ro) *
13.04 Quantic, București (Ro) *
21.04 Barba Negra, Budapest (Hu)
01.05 Collosseum Club, Kosice (Sk)
02.05 Majestic Music Club, Bratislava (Sk) *
03.05 Masters of Rock Cafe, Zlin (Cz) *
04.05 Rock Cafe, Prague (Cz)
10.05 Moszkva Café, Oradea (Ro)
11.05 Reflektor, Timișoara (Ro)

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Beyond The Black – “Heart Of The Hurricane” Album Review

Two years have passed since their last release, but time has come once again for German symphonic metal act Beyond The Black to dive straight into the Heart Of The Hurricane! No, not literally, don’t worry. Heart Of The Hurricane is the name of their new album, that will be released very soon on the 31st of August via Napalm Records.

Image result for beyond the black heart of the hurricane

Here is a statement from the band regarding their new material: “Can you feel the thunder? After a turbulent phase in the short history of BtB, we can say that we came out stronger than ever! Witness to that is our first single “Heart of the Hurricane”, which takes you through a sonic thunderstorm to be reckoned with! We absolutely cannot wait to unleash this storm upon old and new fans alike, as we are sure that this new chapter will take us on a beautiful journey through dark and light!”

And indeed I can totally agree that it has been a journey through darkness and light, as they said. This album is very energetic, even though it possesses a gloomy atmosphere that resounds through the lyrics, contrasting with the overall heavy sound of the songs, that will just not let you stay still.

From my point of view, I would divide the album in two parts: the first part would be represented by some more catchy tracks with fresh elements added to the sounds that we were accustomed to and the second part is the one that stays true to what we have heard on previous albums. Is this bad? Is this good? Nonsense. I believe this is the right recipe for a varied, dynamic album that will surely please both old and new fans of the band.

Hysteria opens the album with a burst of energy, setting the course for what will follow next and that is Heart Of The Hurricane, the first single released for this album. Somehow this one gives me the feeling of a run towards a dangerous adventure, from where one will get out as a different, stronger person. Wisely chosen as a first single, it has the catchyness that I was mentioning early.

Through The Mirror has a more mellow start, gentle piano notes accompanied by Jennifer’s low vocals, creating an empowering contrast that will surely give you goosebumps. I noticed that the Mirror seems to represent a theme for this album, as we will see in the video for the next song and maybe even towards the end of the album. I don’t know, it might be just a coincidence, but it fits perfectly, metaphorically speaking.

Million Lightyears is next and it made me extremely happy to hear the lovely, clean voice of Chris Hermsdörfer on this one, since he is not only a very talented guitarist, but the man can also sing wonderfully! I just love how their voices entwine.

Song For The Godless has such a kick-ass, mighty sounding, somewhat medieval intro and it immediately made me think of In The Shadows. You will be listening to a madly awesome guitar solo on this one. I just need to say that the whole atmosphere of this track is simply uplifting. The first slow track makes an appearance, Escape From The Earth, featuring a very gentle Jennifer, in an emotional scenery, that reveals a burdensome transition from the previous tune. What will follow, is a return to the roots for sure! I was actually curious if/when this will happen during my listening session. Beneath A Blackened Sky has some serious symphonic vibes mixed with majestic choirs. Headbanging incoming during the chorus, be warned. The mentioned vibes continue in the next one, Fairytale Of Doom, a track that made me think of Amberian Dawn. It’s a powerful song for the broken-hearted, with a well-chosen name and a favorite of mine. Much potential in this one I see! Nerd alert. Moving on, Chris makes a vocal appearance again on My God Is Dead, but with some cool growls this time, sending shivers down the spine. I feel that Jennifer’s voice could shatter one’s heart during the chorus, being so expressive, pouring all of her being into the song. Dear Death and Freedom are two pieces with fast riffs and beats, making one feel like on a rollercoaster. As far as concerning Scream For Me, I do believe this one would be a favourite for the public, if performed live: slow start followed by a bombastic chorus. And it’s time for the ballad, Breeze, piano and choir driven, lead by the gentle, but powerful Jennifer, who is simply amazing when it comes to ballads, managing to reach straight into your soul with her singing style. I declare Echo From The Past another favorite of mine. I find it hard to explain, but it’s just one of those songs that sticks to you and you love it from start to end, with no questions asked. It clicked with me probably because it has all the ingredients needed for an awesome tune: impact, balance, a lovely, subtle orchestration in the background, sustaining all the instruments together with the vocals in a neat equilibrium. The album ends with Parade, a fit conclusion after the journey made through the spectrum of feelings that were pinpointed by the previous tracks, encouraging one to be true to his/her self, no matter what.

Do listen to this album with an open mind and I guarantee you will fall in love with it. It clearly shows that teamwork, precision in the details, a lot of passion and perseverence will set you on the right course. Beyond The Black managed to deliver an album showing a great deal of variety, worthy of one’s collection.


  1. Hysteria
  2. Heart Of The Hurricane
  3. Through The Mirror
  4. Million Lightyears
  5. Song For The Godless
  6. Escape From The Earth
  7. Beneath A Blackened Sky
  8. Fairytale Of Doom
  9. My God Is Dead
  10. Dear Death
  11. Scream For Me
  12. Freedom
  13. Breeze
  14. Echo From The Past
  15. Parade


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Review by Cristina Țurlea