Being a fan helps me keep the magic alive – Diana Leah (Delain)

Delain has been one of the bands closest to my heart for so long, who allowed me to meet a lot of great people, form friendships, travel around to see them. So, of course, it came as a shock to hear about them disbanding. It felt like I was losing a piece of my soul, of the nostalgia of my fangirling youth days. But this isn’t about me or any other “butthurt” fan. Enough time has passed to see everyone move on and do their own beautiful things. 

Right now we have to appreciate we still have Delain, under another form. Though the core is still there. We have Martijn, Sander, Ronald, so that is indeed very Delain. And, of course, new additions Ludovico and Diana.  Needless to say, the most impactful change is that of the vocalist. That’s what could make or break the band, and thankfully, it made it. I wholeheartedly believe Diana is such a good addition to the band, she can do justice to the existing songs and create new exciting ones.

When I first heard rumours of the new singer, someone mentioned her to me as “the Romanian singer”, which intrigued me. How did I not know that a Romanian singer is going to be part of Delain? You can expect that that’s what I started my interview with, asking about her ties to our country:

“Yeah, that’s a good question. Well, the thing is I left Romania when I was 14. Now I’m almost 33. I left the country, I came to live in Italy and I lived in Italy for maybe 10 years or so. I lost count. But after that I went to Canada in 2014. So I lived in Italy from 2005 until 2014 and then from 2014 until 2019 I left and I lived in Canada. I went there just for work. But I did come to Romania a few times in between. Not as much as I wish I could. I still have relatives there. I have uncles and cousins. My dad actually, he’s still there. My mom and my sister are here. So we’re kind of separated basically.

I speak Romanian with my mom, but not always, because we try to speak Italian for the most part since we’re also surrounded by Italians. And if we only speak Romanian, they would not understand us, of course. With that comes the downside of it, which is I cannot speak Romanian anymore the way I used to.  So I can say very, very few things. “

I bet those are still going to come in very handy when Delain comes to Romania again, which we all hope to be soon. This year their tour is obviously already booked, but she says she’s pushing for it to happen next year, so that’s very good news.

Delain-main promo.jpg
Photo Credit: Andrea Falaschi

But let’s get into it and talk about Dark Waters, the new Delain album. If you haven’t heard it yet, give it a spin. You might find something for you there. I mean, if you’re reading this, you’re obviously interested. The process of making an album is complex and mysterious, so let her explain it to us:

“With every band there’s always at least one main songwriter or two. So in this case, in Delain,  there are two main songwriters now, Martijn and Guus. Guus is not really in the band, officially. You don’t really see him in the band pictures, but he’s a very important part behind the scenes when it comes to the songwriting, since the beginning of Delain, actually.  And then I came into the picture as well. Usually, one of them writes first. So let’s say Martijn writes the structure of the song, or maybe Guus writes the structure. It really depends. It all starts from the structures. Maybe Martijn writes the keys for the song first. He has an idea and then he sends it to Guus, who then adds guitars on top of it, and bass, and stuff like that. Next, he arranges the song. So he makes the main structure: the verse, the chorus, the second verse, bridge, and last chorus, and so on.

Once they have this structure of the song, the demo phase of it, of course, then that version gets sent to me and I work on it. Most of the times, they write the vocal melodies as well, so what I’m supposed to sing. But if they don’t do that, they just send that version to me, the instrumental part, and they ask me to write something on it. I do that and then I record my vocals. I write lyrics. I try to add backing vocals to that song and then I send them back to them.

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Photo Source: Diana Leah Facebook Page

It’s a back and forth process between the three of us. Actually for this album, I flew to the Netherlands to work together, the three of us in the same room. And it definitely is a little bit easier because it’s quicker, because we’re all in the same room, and we can really exchange ideas very quickly. I just step up at the microphone and start recording while they suggest things to me and stuff like that. 

But for the rest of the album, it was just me working here in Italy, and they are in the Netherlands, and they just send stuff to me, and then I record here at home. Once we have the demo of the song with my vocals on it, of course in a very raw version of it, then they work on the song even more, on the arrangements, on the orchestrations, on the choirs. And they just build things on top of it until it becomes, you know, finished. You have to decide at one point, okay, this is it. I think we’re good. We need to stop. Otherwise you keep going and it’s going to take you months for just one song. Once that happens, then they record the instruments in the Netherlands, they record the drums, the guitars, and all the rest. After that comes the mixing and mastering part, where everything gets polished even more sonically, from a sound point of view. That’s basically the business aspect of it.

Now the creative part of it, that’s a little bit trickier, because of course Martijn does write the majority of the songs for the albums. And the creative process can vary, because maybe one day you’re not in the mood to really write music, and so you have to really find that flow of creativity. That’s the trickier part. Even for me, sometimes they send me something and I’m not really in the mood.  I love the song and everything, but nothing comes up. Not a cool melody or something that I really like. So that’s the trickier part, because that takes a while to just get in that flow of the writing process.

This process was really new for me as well, because I’ve never worked with a band before like this and writing a full length album was really new for me. I always worked differently. I would record a song and release it right away. But when you have a body of work with like 10 songs to listen to from the beginning until the end, it’s a totally different feeling. It’s so much more rewarding and satisfying to listen to at the end.

So to answer your full question, I had a chance to contribute with lyrics on this album. I wrote the lyrics for Tainted Hearts and for Moth to a Flame  and I also wrote the melody for Tainted Hearts, like the whole thing. I wrote bits and pieces on Invictus. I think I wrote verses there. Yeah, I really had the chance to, and the freedom, of course, to just express myself a little bit.  And that felt really, really nice, because I love to do that. Really cool.”

With all that going on, what was the most dramatic change of the album? Was one of the songs meant to be something else and then suffered a drastic change? Or anything you liked that was left out?

“ Actually, nothing was left out. Everything that we had and worked on was put on the album. Maybe one song or two didn’t make it. But not too much. And for the other thing… Well, I think Invictus was a really tricky song because it had so many layers. It had so many choirs we have me singing, but we also have two other guests: Paolo Ribaldini and Marko Hietala. That was really tricky for the songwriting part because it’s like a mini opera song, with a lot of things going on. So at one point in our time, we had to cut things off.  Also because we were making his life harder for the mixing engineer because there were so many vocal tracks and so many orchestral parts. The demo phase of that song started really like… It was really rich. It had a lot going on. But then eventually, you have to make decisions and cut things off for the sake of the song to finish it and make it sound good in the end as well.  So I think that was the trickiest song of the album. The other ones went pretty smoothly, I would say.“

Now that the album is done, time to hit the road.  How is getting to sing live with Delain different than what you expected? Or maybe the same?

“Honestly, of course, whenever you join a band, especially Delain, you have your own expectations. I knew people had expectations as well for me and for the rest of the band and that puts a lot of pressure. I didn’t know what to expect. At one point, I was like, what if I get up on stage and people are gonna just stand there and stare at us and be like, oh, we don’t like this. I don’t know. So it was a bit scary, to be honest.  It was like nothing I had ever done before. Even though I had bands here in Italy, where we did play some shows, it was totally different because we never had a fan base like with my other bands. We would just play random shows.  Maybe a couple of people would know who we were. But here it’s totally different because everyone knows the songs of Delain. Yeah, it’s a step up. People know the band. You go on stage and you know that as soon as you step there, people have expectations from you. And that puts a lot of pressure, of course. But eventually I learned to ease into that feeling of fear.

Let’s say it was fear, even though I wasn’t really scared. I was just anxious. So eventually I learned to deal with that and be okay with it. I also told myself, you know what, even if you’re nervous, I think it’s healthy to be nervous before you go on stage. Because it means you care. You care about what you do and about the people. “

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Photo Source: Diana Leah

Since we talked about the existing fanbase, how do you feel about fan clubs now from the other side? Were you ever actively involved in a fanclub?

“I know what you mean. I’ve always been a huge fan of bands, of course, like Nightwish and Within Temptation. But I’ve never been part of a fan club or stuff like that. I tend to be an introvert and I don’t really like to put myself in the spotlight. Even though it sounds weird because I’m part of a band now and I am under the spotlight. How does it feel? Oh, gosh. I don’t know. I still feel the same. I’m a fan of Delain in the first place because I’ve been a fan of the band before I joined. I found out about the band in 2009. That’s a long time ago. So even though I sing in the band now, I’m still a fan. And I tried to be one because it makes me see things differently from a different perspective.

Because when you join a band like this, there’s a lot of things going on.  There’s a lot of business aspects and there’s the music industry. When you’re outside of it, when you’re just a fan of the music and of the band, you don’t really see these things. And once you’re part of it, sometimes a little bit of the magic kind of fades away.  So you really need to keep that magic alive within yourself. So being a fan allows me to keep that magic alive. “

Let’s now step away from Delain a bit and get to know Diana some more.

If you could have a Carpool Karaoke with anyone, who would you choose?

“Oh, wow. That’s such a hard question.  I have one in my mind. That would be Hayley Williams from the band Paramore. I love her. She’s been a huge inspiration for me since I was a teenager.

And I would love to just do that with her and sing. That would be really fun. “

Say your car fits more than two people :)) who else are you taking on?

“I would take Sharon from Within Temptation. And I would also pick… I have to pick a male singer. I have so many. Oh, gosh. I would pick… I don’t know. The Weeknd. That would be very interesting.”

What is the weirdest thing you have ever eaten?

“I don’t think there’s… I don’t really eat weird things because if it looks weird to me, then I won’t eat it. But I think it is… You know when you go to a sushi restaurant and they bring the… wasabi? I hate that. I hate what it does to my mouth and to… It’s weird.”

What’s the best vacation you’ve ever had?

“It was probably in Sardinia last year, actually. Well, I’ve been on cool vacations before, of course, but I picked this one because of the location. Because Sardinia is so beautiful.”

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Photo source: Diana Leah Facebook

Are you the kind of person who enjoys her birthday? And what would be a safe bet to get you as a present? Something you might always enjoy?

“Yeah. I don’t like when I… I’m not a huge birthday person. I don’t really celebrate it with huge parties. I usually go to my mom’s place and maybe she cooks a cake for me or a nice dinner or something. But if someone wants to buy something for me, then… Well, I love candles. Like scented candles. And I also love video games. Like World of Warcraft. So, anything Warcraft-related or candles, and I’m happy.“

Nightwish and Beast in Black take over Milan

After a couple of years of waiting, Nightwish eventually came back to Italy with their ‘Decades World Tour’, a show which the Italian fans awaited for longer than a year and that would not leave the public disappointed.

Perfectly in time with the announced schedule, Nightwish’s guest of honour for the night, Beast in Black, walked on stage. The power metal band didn’t hold anything back and managed to have the first rows dance and jump from the very first songs. Their setlist included classics such as “Eternal Fire” and heart-wrecking ballads (“Ghost in the Rain”), which was followed by a surprising, extremely fun and aesthetically innovative performance of the “craziest song [they] have ever written”, “Crazy, Mad Insane”: an unexpected chorepgraphy and led-sun glasses amused the audience. The band also performed the single “Blind and Forzen”, after which the lead singer invited everyone present to watch the new music video; he also announced the upcoming leading-tour which will kick off from Europe in the near future.

Once the opening act walked off stage among the crowd’s cheers, it soon was time for Nightwish. The screen showed a polite request not to use phones, in order to better enjoy the band’s road trip through memories. Troy was the first to appear and soon the rest of the members were visible as well. They wasted no time and started off in big style with fire, smoke and the exciting triplet “Dark Chest of Wonders”, “Wish I had an Angel” and a gem, “10th Man Down”: the public received the delivery so well that Floor had to note that it was the greatest start so far. The show continued with songs from the last album mixed with more or less played tracks from earlier records, including a mgistral cover of “Elvenjig”, fittingly followed by “Elvenpath”. Each performance was accompained by amazing and breathtaking artworks that included wolves and winterscapes, fireworks and smoke, which made the atmosphere (quite literally) hot and impossible to predict. Unexpectedly, “The Carpenter” and “The Devil and the Dark Deep Ocean” were played too, the latter one introduced as a twisted “love story”. In the meantime, in the background the audience could occasionally see Tuomas and Floor gleefully sipping wine. The ever-present “Nemo” didn’t miss its opportunity to have everyone dance and scream, and in general the fans were having a visibly great time, there was obviously a lot of jumping and moving, so much that at some point during the show a member of the audience felt sick and needed to be carried out by paramedics. Floor was clearly distressed but still managed to hold the stage with class and natural talent: she took the chance to thank the Italian fanclub (Nightwishers Italian Official Fanclub) for the gift received during the meet and greet: a very peculiar one indeed, considering that the band was given a star named after them. The members expressed their gratitude and once the singer made sure that the sick person was doing better, the gig took off from where it left. During the whole performance no fire, head nor fumes were spared, and during “Ghost Love Score” a moving sea of orange and reddish confetti was added, leaving everyone in awe, a final parting goodbye that left everyone present quite emotional.


            After the show Floor and Troy stopped by to say thank you and greet some fans, confirming that the band too had a great time during the evening. Needless to say, Italy seems to be ready to welcome them again anytime soon, to say once again “we were here”.

Review by Michela Sereni


Varna Mega Rock 2018 – Nightwish, Apocalyptica, Glenn Hughes, Kamelot

For two days (18-19 August), Varna Mega Rock attracted thousands and thousands of people with an unbeatable line-up of Kamelot, Glenn Hughes, Apocalyptica, and the big headliners, Nightwish. The festival is a very special one, so close to the beach, which was enjoyed by fans and bands alike. The weather was good, with a nice breeze blowing.

The first night was very exciting, starting with local acts Krossfire (who brought Romanian singer Aura on stage for a special song) and Kikimora. Then it was time for Kamelot, who absolutely killed it. They didn’t have to go so hard, and yet they did that!! They made sure the public was not standing still for a single moment. There were times I thought they were over-doing it with the Hey! Hey!, but they gave it their all and got the same from the public. Their setlist was as inspired as always, mixing the old classics with songs off their new album. Very special mention for “Here’s to the fall”, a very emotional ballad where the public joins in with their cell phone lights.

Many people were left wondering how Kamelot was not headlining the day. But they soon got the answer when Glenn Hughes got on stage. Best known for his bass and vocal work with Deep Purple, he is a legend of music and it felt like an honor to be able to see him. In a very purple hippie outfit, he impressed us all with his voice and moves, with energy, with dedication. Unlike Kamelot, he did not have to try to rile up the crowd. You just knew he came to do his thing and his many years in the music were showing, having the public eat out of his hand. He was humble and friendly in a way that made you forget just how big he was. He kept saying that it wasn’t the public who came to see him, but him who came to see the public. Of course, Smoke on The Water was the highlight of the performance.

All in all, a very strong day, great music, impeccable organisation. The latter was only true, however, for the first day. On the second day the gates were supposed to open at 4:30 and at almost 6, the stage wasn’t set up yet. The Nightwish screens and pyro were still being set up. I was allowed in the venue and got to see what was happening, but unfortunately, the hundreds and hundreds of people waiting had no idea why they were left outside for two further hours. Delays are bound to happen in the music business (not that I understand how the truck didn’t get there a good two days after their previous concert, which was 4 hours away). However, the way organizers deal with it is problem. I feel like they could have done a better job communicating with the people, both online and offline. Moreover, it would have been nice to distribute some water to the people waiting for hours outside the gates, ready to run and wait some more hours in the front of the stage.

Because of this huge delay, the first 2 bands had to be cancelled. I felt sorry for them, because they were there, dressed, prepared, ready to hit the stage, and they couldn’t. They had made plans and relied on the idea that they would share the stage with Apocalyptica and the mighty Nightwish.

However, the day started with Apocalyptica, who blew my mind. I have no idea how I hadn’t seen them before. Absolutely incredible and slightly insane show of energy for cello players. This time they were playing Metallica by Four Cellos, a fully instrumental show, but one where the public came in to fill the lyrics of the most famous Metallica songs. Huge show by them, definitely worth seeing again.

Finally, the Nightwish intro! We are doing this! What a show that was! Celebrating 20 years of activity, Nightwish are coming with Decades, a compilation album showcasing their most essential songs. While Greatest Show on Earth or Ghost Love Score were sure to be in the setlist, I loved hearing Dead Boy’s Poem, Come Cover Me, Elvenpath. Their show was a masterpiece of vocal and instrumental prowess, energy, joy, great music, and, of course, FIRE! I appreciated that the stage was high and far enough for the first row not to feel extra scared of being burned alive, even though giant flames were going on in front of them, giving off tremendous heat.

Image may contain: 1 person, on stage, night and outdoor

Other highlights of the show were I Want My Tears Back – a song where the public is always invited to dance and jump – or Slaying the Dreamer, which is just pure insanity. Song after song, we were show why they are the greatest. Compared to the previous Nightwish concert, I felt the Varna crowd a bit … quiet, especially when the band “left the stage” before the encore and they were mostly followed by silence. But with Ghost Love Score as an encore, the public revived to scream and dance and marvel at how amazing Floor’s vocals are.

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, playing a musical instrument, on stage, night, concert and indoor

All in all, I am very happy with the fest, but it is also so because I did not wait for hours in the sun. They had a decent selection of food and drinks and the queues were not bad. The line-up was absolutely incredible, so I am sure that all fans will only remember the great feelings, that they got to see Kamelot, Glenn Hughes, Apocalyptica and NIGHTWISH!

Let me know when the next edition of Varna Mega Rock is, because I am coming!


Program și Reguli de Acces: Nightwish ”20 de ani”

Vineri, 17 august, ne întâlnim cu Nightwish la Romexpo, in aer liber, pentru un concert memorabil! Showul face parte din turneul mondial “Decades” in care trupa sarbatoreste 20 de ani de activitate si se va bucura de o productie de exceptie.

In deschiderea finlandezilor vor urca pe scena Fallen Arise si A Tear Beyond.

Concertul are loc pe platforma 12, in parcarea A de la Romexpo. Accesul se va face prin Parcarea B incepand cu ora 18:00 iar concertele incep de la ora 18:40. Dupa deschiderea portilor puteti sosi la orice ora doriti pentru a vedea trupele favorite. Evenimentul are loc in aer liber.

1. Este interzis accesul cu:

– sticle, conserve;

– mancare sau bauturi de orice fel;

– artificii, arme, obiecte periculoase;

– obiecte cu laser (ex. pointere, brichete cu laser);

– umbrele (va rugam in caz ca se anunta ploaie sa veniti cu pelerine);

– aparate foto/video profesionale sau semi-profesionale (cu obiectiv detasabil);

– aparate de inregistrare audio-video profesionale sau semi-profesionale;

– animale de companie;

– persoanele cu probleme de ordin medical trebuie sa aiba asupra lor dovezi clare pentru a putea intra la concert cu medicamentele necesare.

Organizatorii NU vor stoca si NU vor pazi obiectelor prezentate in lista de mai sus pe durata evenimentului!

La intrarea in perimetrul evenimentului, toti participantii vor fi perchezitionati de catre agentii de securitate.

Organizatorii informeaza publicul participant ca spectacolele includ lumini puternice ce pot afecta persoanele epileptice.

La Romexpo va fi prezent un medic care poate oferi Primul Ajutor in caz de nevoie.

2. Program

18:00 – Acces

18:40 – 19:10 -Fallen Arise (30′)

19:40 – 20:30 – A Tear Beyond  (50′)

21:00 – 23:00 – Nightwish

Guest list-ul este valabil 90 de minute de la deschiderea portilor.


– In cadrul evenimentului se vor comercializa diverse sortimente de bauturi, vanzarea acestora facandu-se pe baza de jetoane care pot fi procurate de la casele special amenajate.

– Vanzarea produselor pe baza de jetoane faciliteaza o servire mai rapida

– Contravaloarea jetoanelor ramase se returneaza pana la ora 22:00 doar pe baza bonului fiscal!


– Copiii cu varsta sub 7 ani au acces gratuit si trebuie sa fie insotiti de un adult posesor de bilet valid.

– Accesul minorilor sub 14 ani se face doar pe baza de bilet si doar daca acestia sunt insotiti de catre un adult posesor de bilet valid.

– Organizatorii nu recomanda prezenta la concert a copiilor fara casti de protectie! Zgomotul foarte puternic poate dauna auzului celor mici.

5. Categorii de bilete si bratari

– Accesul in spatiul de eveniment va fi permis unei singure persoane pe baza biletului valid, o singura data. Biletul in baza caruia se va face accesul va trebui pastrat pe toata durata concertului.

– Parasirea perimetrului de concert, dupa validarea biletului de acces, va fi strict interzisa. Persoanele care doresc sa paraseasca zona de eveniment o pot face, dar la iesire bratara le va fi rupta si daca doresc sa intre din nou, vor trebui sa-si cumpere alte bilete.

Posesorii de bilete la categoriile A, B si C vor primi la acces bratari speciale ce le permit accesul in zona in care au bilete. Bratarile trebuie pastrate la mana, exact asa cum au fost puse, pe toata durata concertului. Bratarile nu sunt transmisibile si nu trebuie deteriorate pe intreaga perioada a evenimentului. Posesorii de bilete la categoria D nu vor primi bratara la acces.

– Categoria A – are locuri pe scaune, in tribuna VIP, categoria este limitata la 1000 de bilete; locurile la categoria A se ocupa in ordinea sosirii si nu sunt numerotate; posesorii de biletele la categoria A au acces si la categoriile B, C si D.

– Categoria B – in picioare, in fata scenei; posesorii de biletele la categoria B nu au acces la categoria A, dar au acces la categoriile C si D.

– Categoria C – in picioare in spatele categoriei B. Posesorii de bilete la categoria C nu au voie sa intre la categoriile A si B, dar au voie la categoria D.

– Categoria D – in picioare in spatele categoriei D. Posesorii de bilete la categoria D nu au voie sa intre la nicio alta categorie.


Biletele se gasesc pe si in reteaua : Magazinele Flanco, Metrou Unirii 1 langa casa de bilete Metrorex, Magazinul Muzica, Magazinele IQ BOX – Telekom, Cafe Deko, Club Vintage, Club Quantic, Hard Rock Cafe, Beraria H, Expirat Halele Carol (18-22h), Agentiile Perfect Tour, Magazinele Uman, in Statiile de Plata SelfPay si pe aplicatiile de IOS si Android iaBilet dar si in ziua concertului la intrare in limita locurilor disponibile, la urmatoarele preturi:

– presale: 300 lei Cat A, 245 lei Cat B, 189 lei Cat C, 149 lei Cat D

– la intrare: 320 lei cat A, 255 lei Cat B, 199 lei Cat C, 159 lei Cat D


Un eveniment METALHEAD powered by ROCK FM

Fallen Arise si A Tear Beyond vor deschide concertul Nightwish

Nightwish revin dupa 3 ani in Romania, vineri, pe 17 august la ROMEXPO in aer liber pentru un concert memorabil! Showul face parte din turneul mondial “Decades” in care trupa sarbatoreste 20 de ani de activitate si se va bucura de o productie de exceptie. In deschiderea finlandezilor vor urca pe scena Fallen Arise si A Tear Beyond.

Fallen Arise

Vin din capital Greciei, Atena si au aproape un deceniu de activitate, timp in care au scos doua albume si un EP. EP-ul, ‘Eternal’, a fost lansat in 2011, urmat de albumul de debut, doi ani mai tarziu, ‘Ethereal’. Cel mai recent disc a fost lansat in 2015 si se intituleaza ‘Adeline’.

Abordeaza ca stil Symphonic Metalul care s-a cristalizat de-a lungul timpului conferind un sound aparte trupei.

De-a lungul timpului acestia au impartit scena cu formatii precum Paradise Lost, Moonspell, Destruction, Katatonia sau Pain of Salvation.

In momentul de fata Fallen Arise inseamna:

Fiona Creaby – Voce

Vlassis K. – Voce

Gus – Clape

Giacomo Paradiso – Chitara

Paul Kull Culley – Bass

MariosK. – Tobe

A Tear Beyond

Originari din Vicenta, Italia, A Tear Beyond e o combinatie muzicala de gothic si industrial.

Cu 3 albume lansate in 10 ani de cariera, formatia si-a cristalizat o filosofie proprie in spatele muzicii si a actului artistic propriu-zis.

De-a lungul carierei au cantat alaturi de Fleshgod Apocalypse, At The Gades, Anthrax sau Enslaved.

A Tear Beyond inseamna:

Claude Arcano – Voce

Ian – Chitara

Undesc – Chitara

Canve – Bass

Phil – Clape

Skano – Tobe

Biletele se gasesc in format electronic pe si in reteaua fizica : Magazinele Flanco, Metrou Unirii 1 langa casa de bilete Metrorex, Magazinul Muzica, Magazinele IQ BOX – Telekom, Cafe Deko, Club Vintage, Club Quantic, Expirat Halele Carol (in intervalul orar: 18:00-22:00), Hard Rock Cafe, Beraria H, Targul Cartii (Pasajul Latin), Agentiile Perfect Tour, Magazinele Uman si in Statiile de Plata SelfPay din toata tara.

Biletele se mai gasesc la urmatoarele preturi:

– presale: 300 lei Cat A, 245 lei Cat B, 189 lei Cat C, 149 lei Cat D

– la intrare: 320 lei cat A, 255 lei Cat B, 199 lei Cat C, 159 lei Cat D