Test your fear of heights and step into virtual reality at the Museum of Senses Bucharest starting March 1st!

Forget reality as it is!

With spring’s arrival the Museum of Senses and Loop Virtual Reality have prepared a series of adventures that will totally stimulate your senses. Whether you choose to test your fear of heights, the VR simulator of the educational experiences, you are guaranteed to find something to suit you.

The well known project that will test your fear of heights from the Internatics Interactive Expo is  going to be available to the public within the museum where nothing is as it seems. Get ready for increased heart beats, a good dosage of adrenaline and take a step towards defeating the acrophobia.

Kat Walk Mini is the platform which allows you to truly walk in virtual reality! Get ready to reach a new level of immersivity and reach new universes while being totally safe. The whole system is sustained by a rotative core with a backrest which becomes useful for resting from time to time.

Loop VR at the Museum of Senses

That’s not all! Since we believe in virtual reality’s immense power to change the world, we are preparing a series of educative VR projects meant to open one’s mind. What if you were able to take a stroll in a capsule through the human body? What if you could visit Everest, study and visit other planets of draw without any limits? All this and more will soon be available only at the Museum of Senses.

Come thrill your senses and explore new universes!

This is a partnership between Loop Virtual Reality Solutions and the  Museum of Senses.  For more information you may contact us via  loop@vrsolutions.tech or info.ro@museumofsenses.com.

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