“THE most magical, romantic, moving show” – Garbage playing Arenele Romane

This is how the woman, the myth, the legend, Shirley Manson described the show in Bucharest on her Instagram: “Oh the insufferable glamour. But Bucharest , you were off the charts! Tonight was THE most magical, romantic, moving show of this entire tour. I can’t believe it happened. Thank you so SO much. “ And it was truly that and so much more, an emotional night with amazing music.

But let’s start with the beginning: Camioane in Mulțime (Trucks in the Crowd). This was the first time I heard the band and I was in for a treat. They saw the chance to sing on a big stage, opening for Garbage and they delivered! Their electro-alternative rock was such a great fit for the night. With their old and new songs they brought a bit back of that 2000 sound, but elevated it. Their lyrics are simple, but fun, making them a great act for those who didn’t know them before. They certainly left the stage with hundreds more fans.

And now for the main act: Garbage! The band needs no introduction, but they deserve all of the praise. They are one of those bands whose essence just cannot be translated fully in the studio and just needs to be seen on stage. They function so in sync, everything fitting together. Their music draws you, taking you in and out of time of space. As for Shirley Manson, her presence is just incomparable. She doesn’t just sing, she embodies her music and becomes it.

The setlist obviously included their more well-known Only Happy When It Rains, I think I’m Paranoid, Stupid Girl, or #1 Crush. Bleed Like Me  was also included, with Shirley stating that the song represented Garbage the most, and if someone didn’t get this song, they didn’t get Garbage at all. We also got to hear a couple of songs from their most recent album: Even Though Our Love Is Doomed and Empty. The only thing we were missing was The World is Not Enough, their 1999 theme song of the eponymous James Bond movie.

Throughout the concert, the emotions were flying high. Shirley took the time again and again to thank the crowd and express her very genuine joy. I am a cynical person and usually think that is what the band says in every concert, but this time you could really see her emotion and love.
This is so surreal and magical, she said, while stating that Arenele Romane is by far the most beautiful venue we have played this tour. She also mentioned they had entered the country in the morning and that we were shocked by how beautiful the country is here, it’s like so insane. the first sight I had of Romania this morning was just endless fields of sunflowers, and there were beasts in the fields and there were shepherds out early in the morning and there were horses, and I just thought we’ve come to the right place.

Arnele Romane , Bucharest! The most magical, most romantic, most moving of all our shows this tour! No idea how to thank you. You were fire.— Garbage (@garbage) June 29, 2019

But the incredible power of the band and the night doesn’t stop with music, continuing with an important social message, just as quintessential of who they are as people and as a band.

Shirley took the time to wish us Happy Pride Month and spread the good message of understanding and freedom and human rights, whether it is for rights of LGBTQ or for women. As she put it, I do what I want with my body and I will not let a politician dictate it. Men who enjoyed unprotected sex should also help us and stand up for our rights.

In the end, this was a memorable show. Big shout-out to their light system in the background, which was interesting and beautiful throughout the show. The sound was good, even if it was very loud. Great job to the organizers and a big thank you to everyone who made this show happen.

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