Interview: Dominic Ruiz (Remember the Monsters)

There is nothing quite like finding a new song to be enthralled by. Or even better, discovering a band that is exciting and fresh. One of those bands is Remember the Monsters, the fresh rock band out of Los Angeles.

You have just released a new single, “Close Encounters”. Tell us a bit about this “out of this world” material.
“Close Encounters” has been in the making for a while – even before our previous release, “Sink.” We originally wrote it with our previous singer, but Julian (current singer) honestly brought it to a whole new level! We worked with producer Matt Good (Asking Alexadria, Sleeping With Sirens, Hollywood Undead) and we’re thrilled with how it came out!

> What attracted you to the style of music you are playing?
We like music with energy that’s easily accessible – Stuff that’s gets you moving, or gets you feeling. 

> What song of yours are you most proud of? Why?
Our previous release, “Sink,” took a lot of work. Getting it produced then shooting an awesome music video took a lot of time and coordination. We’re still an independent band so we put together and paid for everything. We’re definitely proud of that one!

> How is the songwriting process for you?
It’s a group effort. Lyrics and instrument arrangements get bounced around and pieced together. Then it gets run by the whole band and we make changes to it until we’re ready to get it produced. We try to make each song the best that it can be. 

> You have released a few videos and lyric videos. What is for you the visual identity of “Remember the Monsters” and how should it tie in with the rest?
We want videos that are energetic, well produced, and visually engaging. We want to show that we’re having fun with what we’re doing, but we’re also serious and put time and effort into the quality.  Some really cool video ideas for future releases and we’re looking forward to getting more out there.

> What’s the coolest thing to have happen so far for you related to the band?
Shooting a professional music video and see it come out really well was pretty awesome. We were also featured in a video by Jared Dines on his YouTube channel, which drew in a lot of new fans!

> What is next for “Remember the Monsters”?
We’re working on new material and have some big things coming up. We don’t want to spoil any surprises, but we’re definitely hard at work!

> How was the first ever Remember the Monsters show? What became different as you continued to play?
The first show we played was a fun one. It was at a local music venue that’s seen some pretty big acts come through. Someone proposed during our first show, so congratulations to them! As we continued to play we always try to turn up the energy and get the crowd more involved. You get better the more you do it!

> What are some of the best shows you have been to? What makes them memorable for you? 
I’ve been to all kinds of shows! I love the high energy of rock acts like AFI and Coheed & Cambria, I’ve also seen Lindsey Stirling live and that show was an experience. There’s a band from Denmark called Mew that I’ve been a fan of for a while that played in the states and that one was amazing!

> What’s your favorite ’90s jam?
I actually love The Smashing Pumpkins. Gish and Siamese Dream are my jams.

> Lastly, what is something you want to say to our readers?
We want to thank everyone for all the support, you guys are rad and are the reason we do what we do! Check us out on all the social medias and stay tuned for much more from Remember The Monsters!

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